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Leaf springs

   Leaf spring is simple form of spring commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. A leaf spring can either be attached directly to the frame at both ends or attached directly at one end, usually the front, with the other end attached through a shackle, a short swinging arm. The shackle takes up the tendency of the leaf spring to elongate when compressed and thus makes for softer springiness.Originally called a laminated or carriage spring, and sometimes referred to as a semi-elliptical spring or cart spring.

Leaf Spring Photo(s)


Spring Shape

   Cylinder coil spring, Hourglass coil spring, Cone coil spring, Port coil spring


Working Extent

    Available wire diameter: ø0.1mm ~  ø15mm.


    Car, Industrial machine, Brake, Absorber, Steering, Door Hinge, Transmission,

     Agricualtural machine, Heavy equipment

Spring Design Formulation


Basic Formula of Spring Design 

Material G value f/ E value f/
Hard Drawn Steel Wire 8 X 21 X

Piano string

8 X 21 X
Oil temper string 8 X 21 X
Stainless steel string STS 302 7.0 X 18.5 X
STS 304
STS 316
STS 321 JI 7.5 X 20 X
Brass string 4 X

10 X

Nickel Silver Wire 4 X 11 X
Phosphor Bronze Wire 4.3 X 11 X
Beryllium copper string 4.5 X 12 X


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