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Aerospace,Military and
Electronic Warfare
                                            mm band
40 GHz
High Frequency
Test and Measurement
                                          Ka band

26 GHz
K band

18 GHz

Microwave Radio Links,
Sat. comm. (downlink),
Test & Measurement and
Police Radar
                                    Ku band

12 GHz

Base Stations,
Airborne Radars,
Navigation Radars and
                                    X band

8 GHz
Sat. comm. (uplink)                           C band
4 Ghz
Airport Search Radars,
Test & Measurement and
Data comm.
              S band

2 GHz

Mobile Radio,
Cable TV
and Body Scanners
        L band

1 GHz

Broadcast TV
and LAN
      UHF band
300 MHz
LAN and
Point to Point
Cable Routers
  VHF band

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