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TNC cable connectors
TNC connectors RF types were originally developed for aircraft and missile applications where extreme vibration is a factor. TNC connectors are of Miniature size like the BNC connector but feature a threaded coupling nut for application requiring performance through 6GHz. Chosen for their durability and reliability, TNC connectors are widely used in the cellular/mobile communication industry for equipment cabling and antenna interfaces TNC connectors RF Coaxial type

TNC connectors RF Coaxial female Jack type

TNC Connectors RF Coaxial - Plug Interface TNC Connectors RF Coaxial - Jack Interface
  Min.(mm) Max.(mm)
A 4.83 -
B 5.28 5.79
C 5.33 5.84
D 0.08 -
E 2.06 2.21
F 1.98 -
G 1.32 1.37
  Min.(mm) Max.(mm)
A - 4.72
B 8.10 8.15
C 9.60 9.70
D 4.72 5.23
E 4.78 5.28
F 8.31 8.51
G 10.52 -
H 4.95 -
J 2.06 2.21
Material Spec. Electrical Spec.
Requirements Specifications
Body Brass Au Plated,
Nickelckel Plated,
3Mat'l Plated
Coupling Nut Brass Nickelckel Plated
Center Contacts Brass or
Beryllium Copper
Au Plated
Insulator PTFE Teflon
Gasket Silicon Rubber
Requirements Specifications
VSWR Straight DC~3 Max. 1.30
Insertion Loss 0.1× f : Frequency()
DC 500V 7,000 Min.
Inner Conductor : 1.5m Max.,
Outer Conductor : 1m Max.
Mechanical Environmental
Requirements Specifications
Coupling Nut
Retention Force
45.9Kgf Min.
Coupling Nut
Mating Force
Proof Torque : 16.5Kgf.Cm Min.,
Recommended Mating Torque:
4.5~7Kgf. Cm
Center Force Engage :0.9Kgf Max.,
Disengage : 0.06Kgf Min.
500 Cycles MIL-C-39012
Requirements Specifications
Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 204
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 107D,
Test Condition B
(Salt Spray)
MIL-STD-202, Method 101D,
Test Condition B
(Steady State)
MIL-STD-202, Method 103B,
Test Condition B

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