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SMA Connectors RF Female coaxial series

 Introduction of SMA Jack Connectors - RF & Connector Technology

  SMA connectors RF female coaxial is a kind of precision connectors and basically used for high frequency application.  With excellent electrical performance, they can be used from DC to 18GHz.  RF microwave coaxial SMA connectors meet MIL spec. as Mil-C-39012 and are used with various types of Semi Rigid cables and a lot of flexible cables.  Brass Material SMA connectors rf female are very good economic choice as long as stainless steel type is not necessary.  In addition, SMA Launcher products are very popular connectors in lots of microwave circuits and has great water proof performance.  By these reasons, these materials covers industries including test measurements, mobile communication, Aviation and military.  By the polarity type, these are called as SMA plug, SMA jack, SMA male, SMA female etc.


SMA Connectors RF Coaxial - female 2 hole/4 hole

SMA Connectors RF Coaxial - bulkd head jack

 SMA Connectors RF Coaxial - bulk head jack for semi rigid cable

Interface Dimension:

SMA Connectors RF Coaxial - Jack Interface


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