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RF Connectors MMEX?

 Introduction of RF Connectors MMEX - RF & Connector Technology

  RF Connectors MMEX Coaxial line is a family of products designed as the next generation 50ohm micro MiNickelature surface mount coaxial interconnection system. Providing a more robust interface for greater versatility, this series is ideal for high volume wireless SMT or PCMCIA application in cellular base station, cellular phone, personal commuNickelcation, global positioNickelng system (GPS) and wireless LAN application.
Application : Antenna, Broad band CommuNickelcation, Cellular Phone, GPS, Instrumentation, Radio Board, RF Test port, Satellite Reception TerMin.al, Telecom, Wireless Application, Wireless LAN

  As other connector types, these materials are called per their polarities as MMEX Plug, MMEX Jack, MMEX male, MMEX female etc.



RF Connectors MMEX type



Click below URL for more detailed information about MMEX connectors!

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<<RF Connectors MMEX for Flexible and RG cables>>

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