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N type Connectors RF coaxial series, why?

 Introduction of N type Connectors - RF & Connector Technology

  N type Connectors RF types are medium size precision connectors for use from DC through 11GHz and feature a characteristic 50ohm impedance structure. Applications for N connectors include base station equipment. The connector performance is per MIL-C-39012, with commercial grade versions available for the most popular configurations. Cable terminations include clamp and crimp styles. Many types are available for the most widely used coaxial cables.


 N type connectors RF coaxial

N type connectors RF coaxial B

N type connectors RF coaxial Plug

N type connectors RF coaxial Series

N type connectors RF coaxial, Straight Jack

Interface Dimension:

 N type connectors RF coaxial - plug interface

N type connectors RF coaxial - Jack Interface



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