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100W RF Attenuators N type Round Version?

Photos of 100W RF Attenuators N type Round version:


100W RF Attenuators N type - Left Hand View

100W RF Attenuators N type - Right Hand View

RF Attenuator is a opposite unit of power amplifier and its function is basically to lower RF signal's power level.  In addition, generally RF attenuators are coaxial struture and use various coaxial connectors as ports.  Inner structure can be coaxial types, microstrip or thin films. 

   The quality of this product depends on accurate attenuation values, low VSWR and insertion loss.  Of course, frequency response and repeatabiliity is important as well.  The sizes and shapes are defined per power.

 RFCT RF 100W attenuators round versions are as follows to meet various requirements in the field of wide range of RF high performance industries.

Connector Ports: N type male/female, SMA male/female, DIN 7/16 male/female
Power: 1W~250W.
Heat Sink Type: Round, Rectangular etc.


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