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2012/11/12, 조회:6018
Title   rf cables - Semi Rigid 0.141 - Microwave coaxial, RUT 141, PTFE, 50ohm
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RUT 141 TP Semi Rigid Cables. 0.141” Size, 50 Ohm Cu/Tin by Specification Mil-C-17/130(RG402)

Semi rigid 141 cable

Semi-rigid 0.141 cable of RFCT are the best choice for RF microwave transmission available. The solid tubular outer conductor yields 100% RF shielding and enables the dielectric and center conductor to remain precisely spaced. This results in optimum impedance control as well as the lowest possible I/L and weight to size ratios. The basic considerations for using semi-rigid are the availability of bend tooling, the difficulty in routing and the need to reform the cable.


Aluminum jacked cables, which are typically tin-plated for solderability enable repeated bending and hand forming. They are excellent choices when the performance of semi-rigid is required, together with flexibility to hand-form in place.

Ref)RUT047, RUT085, RUT141, RUT250

Semi rigid 141 cable data sheet


For the cable assembly ordering detail, please visit below link:

<<Semi Rigid Cable Assembly>>

Or send us an email for further information.  >>info@rf-ct.com



Semi rigid 141 cable assembly

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