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2012/11/12, 조회:4221
Title  Hand formable 250 cables - Semi Flexible cable - RF cable coaxial -SF250, PTFE, 50 OHM
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Hand formable 250 cables -Semi Flexible Cables, 0.250” Size, by Specification Mil-C-17/129(RG401) Type


SF250 cable structure

RFCT RSF250 hand formable microwave cables can be used without the extensive process equipment. Semi Flexible - Semi-Rigid Replacement Coaxial Cables - can be "formed by hand" (or with the preferred use of a mandrel) resulting in decreased processing times and reduced scrap through their ability to be re-formed in the event of a processing error. Most constructions are also available with an overall jacket to provide protection against the elements where necessary.

Semi Flexible Hand formable 250 cable

-excellent properties: low loss, high screening effectiveness, high operating frequency, high temperature range
-due to the high phase stability over every production run, Semi-Flex Cable is especially suitable for delay lines
-good flexibility: easy handforming without tooling; fits into the smallest systems
-comprehensive connector range; use of standard semi-rigid connectors
-quick and easy assembly
-available in long lengths and various versions

Ref) SF047, SF085, SF141 Semi Flexible cable are also available.

SF250 data sheet

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